Thursday, 22 December 2011

Winter tips and Cloverleaf update

Busy grooming day today.  I have a space or two available between Christmas and New Year if you want your pooch looking good for the festivities.

Other than that I am booking behaviour, training and grooming sessions for January 2012, where did the year go?

Currently working on a mobile basis until the Canine Centre is opened, which won't be long now. Then you will be able to drop your dog off, enjoy a cuppa in the nearby cafe, do a spot of shopping or even pop into the hairdresser and have yourself pampered.

Winter is on us now and the weather is only going to get worse.  Once the gritters start putting salt down, please remember to wash your dog's feet after walks.  Road salt can be very toxic to dogs, their systems cannot cope with the amount of sodium in it.  Dogs like to lick thier paws clean so a good foot wash will get the salt off them, whereas a wipe with the towel won't.

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