Sunday, 24 March 2013


Are you looking for a new friend? NANNA in Irthlingborough have a lot of animals needing their furever homes.

NANNA don't have just dogs but cats, rabbits and other furries too.  Have a look on their website, or the Facebook page to see if the new member of your family is there.

Forrest has been in NANNA's care for quite a while and is looking for a new home.  I've played with her and she is a lovely dog.  She doesn't get on well with other animals but loves people.  She's 10 now and is looking for somewhere with a warm bed to live out her twilight years.

If you haven't got space in your home for a new pet then why not see if there is another way you can help.  NANNA is looking for bedding, toys, food and even a couple of hours of volunteer work if you have the time.  There is also a vet bill that needs paying so funds can be freed up to help the animals that are needing NANNA's care.

Look at the NANNA website to see how you can help.  Even if you aren't local to NANNA you may be able to do something; if not for NANNA then may be for your local rescue who will also be grateful for any help you can give.

It's 3 months since Christmas and there seems to be an influx of dogs and cats appearing in rescue.  It's also the start of school holidays, another factor that seems to have an influence on the number of abandoned pets looking for new homes.

Because of the varied histories of the animals in their care don't be put off by rescue centres wanting to do a home check.  They need to know that the animal you are falling in love with is a suitable match, a busy family environment with people coming and going is not going to be the best place for a shy, retiring animal but would be great for one who is more extravert.

I've had rescue dogs all my life and they give so much pleasure to you, especially when they realise that you are not going to abandon them.

Forrest is eligible for a free "getting to know you" session at the Cloverleaf Canine Centre or a free 6 week course with Good Dog Training School if she gets a new home in the local area.