Sunday, 23 October 2011

Before Grooming
A quick example of a dog I have groomed.  This is a little cross breed dog with a very fluffy coat.

Before and after photos show that it's not just for poodles,  all breeds of dog and can should be groomed.  

This dog was groomed with clippers and scissors.  I also do hand stripping on dogs with suitable coats.

The dog's welfare is always important and I change the way I groom according to the dog. Being a Behaviourist means that I am able to read a dog's reaction to being groomed.  If a dog is feeling uncomfortable with one method, ie handstripping, then I will use another method such as scissoring.  

After Grooming
Some groomers will insist on the dog being made to do as it's told.  This can lead to behaviour problems, the dog might start to agress, biting the groomer or the owner.  I believe the dog has a voice and that it should be listened to.  I wouldn't thank you for pulling and tugging at my hair!

Doesn't she look sweet.

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